Fashion Show by AFR Clothing

To round off the Amani Hope Tour experience, we have students from your university perform as ‘models with a purpose’ in our AFR Clothing fashion show.

AFR Clothing is a social entrepreneurship that “Educates Africa One Shirt at a Time” by providing academic scholarships to children in need.

The Amani Hope Foundation – our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – seeks out candidates and administers Amani Hope Scholarships to those who apply and meet our requirements.

By having students at your campus participate in our fashion show, we accomplish a number of things:

  • We create a platform for your students to align with the theme of your event in a fun way;
  • Students participating in fashion shows bring other students and friends to support them;
  • Positive messages delivered through fashion, music and fun engage students to share their experiences on social media.

The Amani Hope Tour creates a big win for your club & university because your topic of interest gets highlighted and hashtagged by many!

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